Slide The Journey To Freedom 3 TIERS Adult & Teen Challenge MidSouth’s Journey from Addiction to Freedom is a 3-tier strategy to overcoming life-controlling addiction. The addiction may involve a chemical substance or merely a habit that undermines someone being able to achieve their God-given purpose in life. In either case A&TC desires to be a partner in healing to the fullest extent we possibly can. Our foundational, first-tier Crossroads Program lays the groundwork for spiritual growth that is designed to impact a man or woman for eternity. Should he or she desire to develop their heart, mind and character to a greater extent, the subsequent Pursuit and Destination Programs will challenge them to pursue healing to an even greater extent. Check out the highlights of each tier of our Journey from Addiction to Freedom:

Program Overview
Slide Crossroads
The Crossroads Program is our foundational 4-month program for those who are tired of living a life of addiction and want to experience freedom. The Crossroads Program Focus is: Introduction to the claims of Christ.
Exploring Biblical principles of living.
Learning who God designed me to be.
Identifying and replacing past harmful patterns.
Tearing down false thinking patterns.
Learning what living addiction free looks like.
Rebuilding family relationships.
Tier 1
Slide Pursuit Tier 2 The Pursuit Program is a 4-month program offered to those who have completed the Crossroads Program. It is for those seeking to develop skills in leadership and desire to go further in exploring their relationship with God and walking out their daily Christian experience. The Pursuit Program Focus is: Leadership.
Renewing the mind.
Submission to God.
Respecting authority.
Character development.
Defining healthy boundaries.
Rebuilding family relationships.
Slide DESTINATION Tier 3 The Destination Program is a 4-month opportunity, for those who have completed the Crossroads and Pursuit Programs, to take the tools and principles they have learned and apply them to daily living back in society.
The Destination Program Focus is: Exploring life purpose.
Steady, faithful employment.
Family relationship building.
Healthy friendships.
Developing financial stewardship.
Personal accountability.
Character development.
Establishing a healthy support system.