At Adult & Teen Challenge MidSouth our focus is to reach and train each person coming through our doors to establish a foundation that will carry them through life. This is accomplished through a rigorous 12-month residential program incorporating chapel, counseling, classes and vocational training to help them prepare for a successful re-entry back into society. Our programs have been developed to encourage the resident to cope with everyday life issues.

These principles also help residents strengthen their relationships with family and develop into emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, and spiritually alive individuals. The classes cover issues such as anger, sexuality, relationships, rebellion, depression, and other deep rooted issues. Our teachings help them get to the root of the problem so that healing can take place and transformation can begin.


12 Month Residential

•Art/Music Therapy

•Work Experience Program

•Recreational Therapy

•Family Therapy

•Financial Counseling/Training

•Relapse Prevention

•Safe, Secure Enviroment

•Daily Process Group Studies

•One-On-One Coaching

And Much More



It’s been said that “repetition is the mother of mastery and skill”. Overcoming life-controlling sins isn’t an overnight job; it requires repeated exposure to spiritual truths and surroundings. In fact, 12 months is just a start – God continues to work on us all our lives! The success of our faith based program far surpasses those of similar secular programs. Studies show that over 86% of those who have been graduated and living on their own over five years are “clean”. The major difference is the “life changing teachings” and learning to live a new life in Christ.



First 30 Days – Critical Care

Goals – Establish a treatment plan, become physically healthy, mentally alert, establish a routine, and understand rules and boundaries. Feel safe.

3 Months – Introduction

Goals – Identify the root of their issues; identify worth and Purpose; respectful to others; positive outlook toward future; healthier self-esteem, trust authority figures. Complete Forgiveness and Anger classes, recognize how to apply God’s Word to life; have a sincere desire to change their lifestyle.

4 Months – Character Application

Goals – Complete relationship classes, marriage, family etc. Complete Steps to Freedom, Christ Life Series. Display attitude of gratitude and honesty; mentoring new residents; Confident in sharing life testimony, repair damaged family relationships; Christian standards applied to all areas of their life; ready to seek employment.

5 Months – Life Skills

Goals – Complete budgeting classes, prepare resume’, find employment; find accountability partner, join a church, create a “Re-entry Back to Family” Plan. No longer dependent on Adult & Teen Challenge. Healthy, physically healed, spiritually alive; no longer a drain on the court system. Cut old ties, restored family relationships. No longer addicted to drugs/alcohol. Walking out a new life in Christ.