Planned Giving


Ten Things You Can Do to Leave a Legacy Gift to ATC MidSouth

1. Prepare a will. Fewer than 50 percent of people who pass away have one. Without a will, you lose control of the assets you worked a lifetime to build.

2. Leave a gift in your will for ATC MidSouth Endowment and other organizations that have made a difference in your life. Fewer than six percent of American households have included a nonprofit organization in their estate plans.

3. In your will, consider leaving a percentage of your estate to the ATC MidSouth Endowment.

4. Consider using assets as your charitable gift. These can be stocks, bonds, retirement benefit plan assets, etc. Such gifts may provide tax savings as well as a charitable gift.

5. Name ATC MidSouth Endowment as the beneficiary of your individual retirement account, 401(k) or pension plan.

6. If you own a life insurance policy, consider renaming ATC MidSouth Endowment as the beneficiary.

7. Encourage family members and friends to leave gifts to ATC MidSouth Endowment in their wills and help them establish a relationship with a qualified estate planner.

8. Ask your professional advisor to include gifts to ATC MidSouth Endowment (and other nonprofits) in his or her counsel to other clients.

9. Purchase a new life insurance policy, naming ATC MidSouth Endowment as the beneficiary.

10. Learn more about leaving your legacy at ATC MidSouth Endowment. Please call President, Dr. David McNabb at 423-756-5558

Charitable Gift AnnuityProvides a high fixed income return guaranteed for life with special tax benefits.

Charitable Remainder TrustAllows you to liquidate an asset free of capitol gains tax and provides income to designated beneficiaries with additional tax benefits.

Stewardship TrustProvides for donor needs in trust and asset management with a revocable trust to avoid probate and provide fixed income distributions.

Donor Advised FundOffers donors the opportunity to establish a perpetual fund for giving to their selected ministries.

Outright GiftAppreciated assets such as real estate, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and collectibles can offer donors the opportunity to make a one-time gift to ministry, avoid capital gains taxes, and receive income tax deductions.

Stewardship WillsThis program provides simple wills and personal care forms to you free of charge when a gift is left to the ministry through your estate. Let us help you create a plan for distribution of your assets after your death. Possessions can be effectively managed during your lifetime and efficiently distributed upon your death.

Endowment ServicesThis will provide a continuous stream of income from the interest the principle earns. These funds will be used to provide for the students. Your endowment gift would become a living legacy as it would continue to give in years to come. Or, you can establish an endowment in your family’s name funded with cash, appreciated securities or even real estate.