• Full time Counselor/Coach

• Working and ministering to Adults 18-50 years old

Professional Requirements: 

• Possess a valid driver’s license, good driving record and be able to drive students to appointments and activities on a daily basis

• Computer skills:  Word processor, Data base entry, computer file management . Must also be willing to learn and apply new computer knowledge and skills

•Must be able to regularly and confidently drive a 15 passenger van

• Must understand concepts of mentoring, nurturing, speaking the truth in love,  and serving one another in love

Personal Requirements:

• Requires a life surrendered to Christ

• Must have a fruit bearing track record of being an over-comer

• Must be willing to lay down life, time and personal desires so that others may be healed and delivered

• Must have a tobacco and alcohol free lifestyle. Must be free from addiction to illegal and prescription medications.

• Must understand the concepts of spiritual authority and be willing to operate under and submit to those in authority

• Must be extremely  punctual and flexible

• Your personal issues cannot outweigh the needs of student’s

• Not easily offended and willing to progress through conflicts to successful resolution

In addition to an online interview, coming for a 2-3 day interview is also required. This may seem extreme but it has given us proven success. We want you to get to know us and us to get to know you. This environment is not for everyone and we want you to get a realistic picture of what your ministry here would look like. We will pay reasonable traveling expenses.

Live-in Food Service Helper

This is a live-in position connected to the male dorm, so we currently ONLY have housing for a single male staff with no dependents.

Must have an actively growing mature walk with the Lord. Be a positive moral role model. Must be able to willingly accept correction and instruction. Must be in agreement with our Code of Conduct, ATC Mission Statement, Statement of Faith and Philosophy of Ministry.

This position is responsible to the Food Service Director (FSD) for general food service work in the kitchen and dining room. A year of previous institutional/commercial food service experience is desired.


Supervision of students involved in kitchen and dining room

Preparing meals at specified times

Purchasing food and non- food items

Organize and supervise the cleaning of the kitchen and dining room.

Supervise Kitchen Clean-up Crew and Kitchen Work Crew.

Oversee food preparation and distribution of ATC residents and guests, Board Meetings, Special services, Holidays and other activities.

Pick up donated food and non-food items

Shall be responsible to FSD for any additional duties that may be assigned.



Ability to follow oral and written instructions

Ability to maintain records and complete forms accurately

Ability to perform work involving standing, stooping, lifting (up to 50lbs), and use of utensils and equipment in relation to food service operations

Valid driver’s license and good driving record

Able to work flexible schedule and some weekends

Must possess a teachable spirit and flexible temperament

Must be able to patiently assist with teaching and training students in various skill sets.

Understand that the Food Service Department is a helps part of the ministry. The key word of food service, is “Service”.


How to follow recipes and apply mathematical concept to complete tasks (example: Scaling recipes)

Care and use of food service equipment and kitchen utensils

Knowledge of health hazards in food preparation and service and necessary precautionary measures

Knowledge of appropriate safety and security precautions appropriate to work performed