Adult & Teen Challenge MidSouth is open for onsite residential admission, pending a negative COVID test. To learn more call 423-756-5558 today.

Journey From Addiction To Freedom The Journey from Addiction to Freedom 3-Tier Program is designed to meet the unique needs and circumstances of each applicant. The Journey is comprised of three distinct, self-contained programs (Tiers) lasting 4 months each. Our 3-Tier Programarrow_right Opening Times Mo. - Fri.: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Sat-Sun: Closed 423-756-5558 Find Us Adult & Teen Challenge MidSouth
1108 West 33rd Street
Chattanooga, TN 37410
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Slide Why Us? Transformation Not Treatment We provide a faith-based environment to encourage healing and a new life in Christ to adult men and women ages 18-50. We instill Biblical teachings into our daily routines and give our residents the tools they need to empower themselves through God. check_circle 3-Tier Program lasting 4 Months check_circle Crossroads Program (Tier 1, 4 Months) check_circle Optional - Pursuit Program (Tier 2, 4 Months) check_circle Optional - Destination Program (Tier 3, 4 Months) Apply Todayarrow_right

We Take Care Of Your Needs We want to help adult men and women, ages 18-50 and their families, find hope for a new drug-free future through the power of Jesus. Our Benefits arrow_right Safe, Secure Environment With residential transformation, you are counseled at a facility away from your home and usual life-situation. This is a very effective way of using relocation to aid the recovery process. One-On-One Coaching Counselors provide encouragement, accountability, wisdom, and experience. We help residents implement the skills they’ve learned here and translate those lessons into the real world. Family Therapy Family Therapy is a way to reopen communication, learning constructive ways to express anger and frustration. Relapse Prevention Since the possibility of relapse is always present when you’re living in recovery, arming yourself with a combination of relapse prevention techniques will make long-term sobriety attainable.



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Slide I have seen change come from this amazing place! I have seen lives turn to God and get clean from their addictions.
This is a rehab that works!
Deanna M Google review
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Slide Changed my life!
Brett Chance Google review
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Slide This place is amazing. Not only a beautiful campus and amazing staff that loves every single resident, they want to see the residents find freedom from their addiction to drugs or alcohol.
Derek e Google review
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Slide Amazing place to find God.
Dean Lollis Google review
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