At Adult and Teen Challenge MidSouth, one of the most common questions we get asked is why they should choose a Christian recovery program. There are many factors that set us apart from traditional recovery centers, and we believe these differences are some of the biggest reasons our program works so well. We offer healing through Christ the way that traditional recovery centers can’t.

Obviously, the biggest difference between a traditional recovery center and a Christian recovery center is the Christ-focused perspective. We call this the “Jesus Factor.” Our Christian recovery program focuses on the power of the Holy Spirit and the teachings of Christ to give our students a guiding light. Through Christ, our residents are able to form a stronger connection to their faith, which makes a huge difference in their recovery. We provide a faith-based environment to encourage healing and a new life in Christ. We instill Biblical teachings into our daily routines and give our students the tools they need to empower themselves through God.


Throughout the years, studies have been conducted about the Adult and Teen Challenge process. Theses studies have found that the number one reason our residents are still sober after leaving is their faith in God. When asked what they attribute their success to, their faith and their family were the two most common answers.


Our Christian recovery programs last 12 months which gives our residents the time they need to reconnect with God and form a strong connection. The combination of Christian values and a long recovery period makes all the difference. Our length of stay is another big reason that our residents avoid relapse. It gives them the time they need to heal and think about who they can be without depending on drugs and alcohol. They are able to create a real and meaningful connection to God.



When a person is struggling with addiction, they are usually feeling lost and they feel as though they can’t find themselves. A powerful connection in Christ helps light the way. Through faith, our residents are able to find themselves and God. A stronger sense of self and faith instills a strong will and a stronger will is a powerful tool in the battle against addiction. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, a Christian recovery center may be the answer. Contact Adult and Teen Challenge MidSouth today to begin the healing process.