Our goal at Teen Challenge MidSouth Adult Center is to help make the application and induction process as easy as possible. Please call us to discuss your medical, financial and/or legal situation.

It’s also good to call to confirm bed availability.

Male Intake, Joe Zinnert, (423) 756-5558 x125, josephz@tcmidsouth.org
Female Intake, Debbie Firat (423) 756-5558 x130, debbief@tcmidsouth.org


STEP 1: Before you fill out the on-line application, you must complete, sign and email the “Pre- Application Eligibility Agreement” to us. Click the link  “Pre- Application Eligibility Agreement (for Men & Women).”

Pre-Application Eligibility Agreement (Men & Women)

STEP 2: Complete the on-line application by clicking the link, “Men or Women’s On-Line Application.”

Men’s On-Line Application

Women’s On-Line Application

STEP 3: DO NOT get a physical exam or lab tests done until your Intake Coordinator directs you to do so. You will need to take the Health Screening Form with you to the doctor and/or the lab.

Health Screening Form (for Men & Women)




STEP 1: To see if you meet our program requirements, click here.

STEP 2: Download, print and fill out the full Application Package linked below.

Men’s Application

Women’s Application

STEP 3: Email to (Men-josephz@tcmidsouth.org) (Women-debbief@tcmidsouth.org) or fax to (423) 265-7763

Note: If you are having trouble viewing the above Program Application Package please make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat so you can edit and sign and email back as a PDF.

There is a one time non-refundable Intake fee of $850.00, which must be paid prior to entering the program (or on the day of entry if prior approval has been granted). This should be done as soon as your In-Take Coordinator has informed you to do so!