All Testimonies are True and Actual and Used With Permission.

The evidence of transformation is found in the stories of our current residents, our graduates and research studies which have been done on the efficacy of the ATC MidSouth program.


“If I wasn’t selling drugs, I found an easy way to make money..I could go out with guys and make my money!” ” I came to #tcmidsouth hopeless and struggling to deal with reality…I truly met God here and that changed everything!”

Eric's Story

“When I came to Teen Challenge I thought I only had a drug problem…God started revealing things about my character and anger!”


Her story is not complete. She still has lots of adjustments and growing ahead of her—lots of lost time to redeem. But, Laura represents what we desire for all our residents—a willingness to embrace her new life in Christ and to be accountable to those who love her.

Alfredo's Story

“As my addiction grew in size, my life started to become unmanageable and I really just didn’t know why. Eventually I came to Adult & Teen Challenge MidSouth, after a few months I realized there was freedom in surrender! My identity wasn’t based on what I did, but it could be found in Christ! I found a new purpose and a new meaning in life!”


From drug use, I woke up in the hospital with my mom and daughter beside my bed, to find out I had been in a coma for a month with a 20% chance to live….I knew somehting in my life had to change!