Success Stories


“I was involved with a campus ministry called Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, USA..after college I served Chi Alpha in Korea….” “I struggled with depression and loneliness!”
This is the unseen face of our center. It’s not always addiction that controls! Sometimes perfectionism and failure can disrupt our lives.


Her story is not complete. She still has lots of adjustments and growing ahead of her—lots of lost time to redeem. But, Laura represents what we desire for all our residents—a willingness to embrace her new life in Christ and to be accountable to those who love her.


I entered Adult & Teen Challenge MidSouth and my life has been forever changed. It has not been easy. I lived alone for 10 yrs. and now I live with a house full of women. I miss my family and my dog. However my relationship with Christ is growing stronger every single day. I’m able to identify when satan is trying to place strongholds in my mind and I fight him with the power of God. I don’t have to return to the darkness I was in, now I live to shine the light of Jesus every day.


Immediately when I walked through the doors of the Women’s House the desire to smoke and do drugs was gone. I started praying to God and thanking him for the work he was doing in my life. By the time I saw my family after my first 30 days they could already see the changes God had done in me. That only helped my faith in God grow stronger. I now feel better than I have ever in my life. God has restored my relationship with my family. God has done amazing things in my life and I plan to share these things with others now!