Admissions Information

Admissions: Adult & Teen Challenge MidSouth – Chattanooga, TN Recovery Center

People considering drug and/or alcohol treatment facilities should give special consideration to Adult & Teen Challenge MidSouth.

Our staff of highly-qualified and experienced staff makes admission to our Adult & Teen Challenge MidSouth campus pleasant and easy. We are credentialed with Adult & Teen Challenge USA.

We are able to take new admissions calls 5 days a week. We provide a high quality treatment experience in a residential setting.

Information for Residents

WELCOME! If you have made the decision to enter our Chattanooga, TN alcohol and drug recovery center, the following information will help prepare you for your stay at Adult & Teen Challenge MidSouth.

If you have any questions regarding any of the information on this webpage, please do not hesitate to call. 423-756-5558 ext 130

About Your Admission

BE ON TIME!!   There are many Adult & Teen Challenge staff members involved in the admission process.  Being late could result in your admission being cancelled. Your admittance time is scheduled for Eastern Standard Time.  If you are in a different time zone, make sure you adjust!

NO tobacco products of any kind are permitted on the Adult & Teen Challenge property.

DO NOT smoke on Adult & Teen Challenge property.  No smoking in your car!  

If you do not have your photo ID, Social Security card (or proof that you have applied for one), your admission may be cancelled.  

You will come to the gray metal Administration Office first.  There, we will process monies, take your picture and sign you up for food stamps.  If you have a felony, we need to know the Felony Class (A,B,C, etc.) for the food stamp application.  

Once we arrive at the residential house, your belongings will be unpacked and counted. All your clothes will be washed and dried.  Avoid bringing clothes that need special handling or need to be dry cleaned.  Please make sure you do not exceed the allowed number of items.  Anything over the count or items we feel are inappropriate to wear will be sent back home.  Please remove all body piercings before your admission begins.

Items To Pack

Clothing: NO frayed, holes, or cut-offs on any garments!

  • Shirts:16 total (3 dress I 3-5 long sleeve I 3-5 short sleeve I 3-5 tee’s, not undershirts 2-3 work shirts)
  • Pants/Jeans: 6 total (2 pair of jeans for everyday I 1-2 pair dress jeans or casual slacks (must have at least one pair of slacks with a shirt and tie for church) I 1-2 pair work pants)
  • Shorts: 4 total (2 pair for work I 2 pair for recreation NO frayed or cut-offs)
  • Athletic outfits: 2 sets of the “warm up” type NO fleece sweat pants
  • Underwear: 8 pair underwear, 7 undershirts
  • Socks: 11 pairs total (3 dress I 8 other)
  • Shoes: 7 pair total (1 dress I 1 casual I 1-2 sneakers I 1 pair shower thongs I 1-2 work shoes or boots)
  • Belts: 2 total (1 work 1 dress)
  • Suits: 1-3 suits (May be slacks /jacket combo with up to 5 ties)
  • Sweaters: 1-3
  • Coats: 4 total (1 heavy church, 1 light church I 1 heavy work, 1 light work)
  • Gloves: 2 total (1 pair work, 1 pair dress)
  • Hats: 6 total (1 warm I 3 “baseball” I 1-2 stocking/toboggans)
  • Towels & washcloths: 2 towels / 2 washcloths
  • Linens/bedding: 1 set twin x-long (college dorm type) 1 pillowcase
  • Hangars: enough for all hanging garments



  • Shampoo/conditioner, razors, shaving cream, personal beard trimmer

NOTE: If student has a beard/goatee when they arrive they may keep it but it must be kept trimmed and neat.

  • Soap, up to 2 colognes, NON-ALCOHOLIC mouthwash
  • Deodorant (NON-AEROSOL)
  • Lotion, acne med
  • Multivitamin (NO individual supplements unless ordered by a physician, MUST have a written signed order from them)
  • Bathrobe (mandatory, mid-calf or longer)
  • Pajamas, pillow
  • Laundry bag (no bigger than a full size pillow case)
  • Clip-on night light
  • Book bag/backpack
  • Small fan (max. 12 inch blade diameter)

Photos: 3 displayed, may have one small album (ALL photos must be approved)

  • Alarm clock: no radio
  • Books: Bible and one small concordance
  • Headphones: 1 small set (for class work only)
  • General class supplies: pens, pencils paper, envelopes, stamps etc.



  • Hair must be trimmed above the collar. No dreads, mohawks or other severe styles. If your head is shaved when you come in you may keep it that way. If you grow it out while in the program you may not shave it until re-entry.
  • If you come in with a beard, you may keep it but it must be kept neat and trimmed.
  • NO pierced jewelry of any kind (ear, nose, etc.)

Medication approved/not approved

  • Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Naproxen and other OTC medications are allowed. NO sedating antihistamines (Benadryl) or cold medications with pseudoephedrine are allowed. Multivitamins must be in multi-vitamin form. Supplements are not allowed unless prescribed by a physician and we must have a signed note detailing the purpose for them.
  • We must be informed of any prescription medications during the application process. If prescription medications are required, there must be a CURRENT/VALID order and it must remain in the original bottle it was filled in!!! Applicants that are required to be on psychiatric, mood altering or addictive medications cannot be admitted to our program.

Prohibited Items

Cigarettes/Tobacco Products, Vaps, e-sigs Prescription Meds with no Prescription or original bottle All forms of recorded music and players
Matches, lighters, etc Medication for withdrawal Gum or Candy
Drugs Psychiatric/Mood Mecications Clothes needing dry cleaned
Guns, Knives, Weapons Computers/all electronic devices Pictures of girl/boyfriend/fiancée
Books, Magazines, playing cards Radios, TV etc. Dangling/hoop earrings
Skateboards, inline-skates etc. Cell phones or com devices Musical Instruments


Our desire and focus for a resident while enrolled in Adult & Teen Challenge MidSouth is to heal and re-establish relationships with their immediate family.

Although other relationships outside of the family may be focused on after graduation, our residents will be taught many relationship skills in various areas that they will be able to apply the rest of their lives.

To facilitate these goals the following guidelines have been put in place. We realize that not everyone will understand our guidelines but they are the result of over 40 years of experiencing changed lives and restored families.



Phone Use

Upon admission to our Chattanooga, TN recovery center, residents can call to let loved ones know they have arrived safely. However, we do restrict phone use for the first two weeks of recovery.



Get in touch with Adult & Teen Challenge directly. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, call us at 423-756-5558, ext 130