The 202020 Movement is a call to action to make the next decade better than the last. Most of us don’t need to watch the news to know that the drug crisis is real. We know family members, coworkers, students, or neighbors that are facing life with addiction, and we’re all looking for some way to help.

Adult & Teen Challenge MidSouth in Chattanooga has been helping individuals and families overcome addiction since 1978. We have seen firsthand that the only way to help those struggling with addiction is by building an immersive, supportive, intentional community around them. That’s the key to our renowned 12-month residential program.

We believe the best way to reach more people who need help is to grow that community. We’re looking for more people who want to do good, love their neighbors, and make the next decade better than the last. For more than forty years, Adult & Teen Challenge has been a family of volunteers, alumni, counselors, community leaders, and supporters. We know there’s strength in numbers, and we’re looking for a new generation to join us.

The 202020 Movement is a new way to be a part of the Adult & Teen Challenge community. It’s a new network of up-to-date data, tools for reaching friends and family who are hurting, interactive collaboration with local experts, and community-building events, all with the purpose of leaving the sad statistics of addiction that have defined this decade behind us as we move into the next. In addition, the $20 for 20 months, throughout 2020, even starting now, provides housing, food, counseling, and our safe, non-judgmental community for men and women age 18-50.

Chattanooga will be a different place in 2029. We know the only way to make sure it’s a better place is to have more members of our community, engaged, aware, and leaning on each other. 

The 202020 Movement Membership Highlights

  • A community of local experts, trustworthy data, and neighbors ready to help friends and family win their battles with addiction.
  • E-mail updates with best practices, news from the Adult & Teen Challenge MidSouth campus, exclusive videos and early notification of upcoming events.
  • Tools for spreading the word to the Chattanooga area about the work of Adult & Teen Challenge.
  • A welcome gift and monthly receipt for your tax-deductible membership.
  • For every 10 people you refer to the movement, you will receive a piece of Adult & Teen Challenge gear.